We are farming 80 acres of outdoor hemp in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The majority of our hemp will be grown for organic high quality biomass. This is a salaried position for a seasoned Plant Manager with prior experience in hemp or cannabis extraction. Previous experience with large-scale cannabinoid extraction is required (100,000+ lbs of biomass annually). You must be familiar with CO2 extraction, Ethanol extraction, agricultural processing or light manufacturing management, quality control, compliance, cost accounting, SOP creation and supply chain management. Seeking an applicant with 5+ years of management experience.

Detail of Responsibilities

· Oversight of all day-to-day lab operations.

· Oversee the instillation and operation of new extraction equipment.

· Creating and improving all SOPs to stay compliant with local and state regulations and maintaining accountability and inventory of all supplies, raw materials and finished products.

· Manage and create a lab team that strives to meet the highest standards of quality.

· Carry out extraction, extract processing and product formulation.

· Maintain a high level of performance by establishing strict quality standards, efficient operation structure and effective trouble shooting procedures. Maintain and certify instrument performance with regular service, repair and replacement as needed.

· Diligent monitoring to ensure that all data is recorded accurately in an organized fashion.

· Follow all government mandated state, federal, ODA and OSHA compliance and safety procedures. Create and implement security guidelines.

· Implement testing procedures. Sample testing preparation, sample tracking and data organization. Constant communication with testing labs to ensure consistency and accuracy.

· Track how different qualities of plant material, preparation and packing procedures effect quality and yield of extractions.

· Completing tasks on time and within budgetary requirements.

· Develop and plan production schedules to fulfill our facilities capacity. Grow and expand our operations sequentially while matching labor and material costs with cost, quantity and quality goals.

· Inventory accounting and management. Management of both upstream and downstream inventory concerns. Confirm and track arriving inventory quantities while ensuring that the lab is well supplied with all needed inputs. Tracking and managing post extraction inventory for packaging and sale.

· Hold weekly team meetings. Chart progress, recognize successes and identify areas for improvement. Make sure all team members are well informed and prepared for the tasks ahead.

· Creation and implementation of operational, technical, and quality control procedures and guidelines.

· Creation of proprietary blends and blending according to customer guidelines and parameters.

· Maintain records, supplies, materials and temperatures of machinery used for operations.

· Chain of custody tracking for all products that enter the lab.

· Creation of MSDS for all department chemicals and products.

· Oversee all COA product testing.

· Ensure regular cleaning of maintenance of lab equipment and facility to keep all areas of the operation in excellent condition.

· Ability to clearly communicate daily tasks, assignments and updates both verbally and non-verbally to each member of our production team.

· Strive for innovation. Constantly seek to develop and refine operating procedures, tests, method, and instrumentation. Prepare improved proposals and monitor production progress.

· Exude and create a positive company culture. Develop team members while holding them accountable to goals and guidelines. Seek continuous improvement from all facets of our operation.

· Must work to ensure that all employees follow workplace safety and hazardous chemical guidelines.

· Upbeat attitude with a willingness to take on whatever task lies ahead.

· Full time salaried position with additional mandatory hours as needed to ensure a streamlined operating schedule.

· Lead our lab team to ensure that production goals are achieved with an eye towards increasing future productivity.

· Will have 4 people directly reporting to you with the potential to grow our team to 15 total staff.

· Will report directly to farm ownership.


· Physical Requirements: Must be physically fit and be able to actively work in all sections of our extraction operation. Must be able to move 55lbs independently or 75+lbs with a co-worker. During high season workday may exceed 12 hours.

· Must be able to taste and/or smell. Must comply with and be able to wear all required safety gear.

· Communication Skills: Must excel at both written and verbal communications. Utilize all forms of communication to clearly explain tasks, goals and progress to both employees and management. Competency in Spanish is a plus.

· Skills: Must have 5+ years of experience in management. Experience in cannabis extraction in a large-scale production setting of 100,000+ lbs annually. Preference given to those with prior experience managing labs.


· Degree in Chemistry or Business is preferred

· Additional education is a plus


· Gross Compensation: $84,000-$104,000

· Base Salary: $7,000 per month

· PTO: 14 days annually

· Bonus Structure: Worth up to $20,000 and determined by lab productivity and product quality.

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