We are seeking an experienced Plant Health Manager to be a part of our team and brain trust in the running of a large-scale Cannabis Farm. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing all plant health, farming practices, Irrigation, nutrients and spray programs. You will also be responsible to advise on the growing and maintenance of all the plants in the nursery before they move out into the fields in April.

To ensure success as a Plant Health Manager, you should have in-depth knowledge of horticulture, excellent managerial skills, irrigation systems, water treatment and a passion for large scale farming both conventional and organic. Ultimately, a top-class Plant Health Manger should be able to maintain a healthy crop and farm ecosystem and ensure the success of the business while being a great team player.

Primary Plant Health Manager Responsibilities:
• Overseeing and improving the daily functions of the irrigation system.
• Ensuring that all plants are irrigated and fertigated as needed to maximize yields and quality.
• Mapping out the tasks and goals for the farm crew.
• Be a part of the brain trust to develop good farming practices.
• Monitor and adjust watering and feeding based on weather conditions.
• Develop the required budgets and farming plans.
• Take soil and water samples, work with labs and universities to improve quality.
• Be a part of the plant compliance process while moving plants out into the fields.
• Formulate spray programs and check to ensure tasks were executed by the farm crew.
• Be a part of the pheno hunt and conversation for genetic breading.
• Be available to be a part of the rotating weekend team to ensure the plants are taken care of.
• Other duties as assigned.
• Constantly experiment and explore new exciting methods of farming Cannabis.