A Master Grower/Propagation Specialist

Job candidate will maintain industrial hemp propagation operation, monitor and control plant growth including fertilization and nutrition applications. Candidate will also be overseeing plant propagation, with the majority of propagation being in the spring season prior to planting. Candidate must also maintain all building systems (water, lighting, air flow, etc), and maintain an extremely high level of building security and proper GMP procedures.

Duties include:

-extensive knowledge of garden maintenance plus grow and trim rooms

-able to work in collaboration with other experts

-responsible for hiring and developing employees

-expert in plant soil, nutrients, pH levels, and more

-ability to identify and solve pest, mold, fungus, mildew, yeast, etc issues

-understanding, inspecting, maintaining proper Operating Procedures (SOPs) for proper lighting, air, temperature, humidity, and ventilation requirements for plants

-ability to use Inventory management systems

-ability to maintain extensive water filtration system

-maintain propagation protocols including fertilization and nutrient regimens for plants

-introduce many types of plant propagation techniques including working with R&D for any future improvements of modifications of current techniques

-keep detailed records including system monitoring, data collection, and testing

-attend and contribute to weekly management meetings

-ensure cleanliness and sterilization of grow rooms according to company procedures


-bachelors in botany or horticulture; required

-masters degree preferred;

-over 5 years experience in indoor cultivation

-2+ years experience in cannabis

-extensive knowledge of different types of insects, fungi, diseases, and treatment options

-knowledge of plant breeding methods, genetics, and strains of cannabis/hemp


-ability to manage both people and processes effectively

-ability to keep and maintain detailed, organized documentation and records

-must have strong communication skills with the ability to work as part of a team, while also leading effectively

-must have a strong work ethic and be willing to tackle all types of tasks (including new buildouts, hauling/loading/unloading/long hours/etc)

-must be able to lift up to 50lbs, bend over to tend to plants, etc

Salary: $75,000-$85,000

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