The Lead Grower manages the cultivation of cannabis flower. The Lead Grower works with the Operations Manager and reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.


· Over 3 years’ experience as a commercial cannabis grower preferred.

· Demonstrated ability to manage issues pertaining to disease, and heat & cooling mechanical failures in the cultivation process.

· Demonstrated experience in crop production, and Integrated Pest Management.

· Extensive knowledge of cannabis strains and plant genetics.

· Computer technology know-how.


· Manages Cultivation process, including sourcing, cloning, transplanting, and providing nutrients for various strains of marijuana plants; setting up and maintaining irrigation systems and environmental controls; and ensuring that the facility is pest-free.

· Develops cultivation plans, trains cultivation employees and assigns duties.

· Organizes and documents the daily process of transplanting, cloning, defoliation and trimming of plants.

· Ensures that growth requirements of cannabis plants are consistently met (lighting, soil PH, nutrients, etc.)

· Diagnoses and resolves plant health issues like mold, mildew or other infestations

· Manages harvest schedule and works with Dry/Trim Manager on best techniques for drying/curing of harvested product.

· Oversees cultivation maintenance operations (including disposing waste and preventing contamination)

· Works with the Operations Manager to manage Cultivation staff work schedules and ensuring that the Cultivation staff adhere to their assigned work schedules.

· Ensures compliance with all operating procedures and regulations.

· Coordinates with Operations Manager and Triple M’s Integrated Pest Management Consultant on pest control measures.

· Ensures that the Cultivation area remains clean and organized, and that tasks are completed within budgetary and time constraints.

· Coordinates with Operations Manager on all Cultivation staffing needs in terms of tasks required for Propagation and the Grow Rooms.

· Works with Operations Manager and Dry/Trim Manager to fully understand all staffing needs in terms of tasks required for Harvests and Dry/Trim.

· Works with Operations Manager to ensure that all Cultivation areas (Propagation, Grow Rooms, Dry/Trim) are staffed appropriately

· Coordinates with Operations Manager to record and track each planting and harvest cycle, including date of planting broken down by plant, as well as cultivation activities described below.

· Coordinates with Operations Manager to ensure that cultivation staff manually log (1) watering cycles, (2) nutrient application, (3) 25b applications, and (4) fertilizing applications. On a daily basis, provides such information to Operations Manager to enter data into the state-mandated Seed-to-Sale Program (LeafLogix and METRC).

· After each harvest, works with the Operations Manager to provide a summary to the Executive Management Team of the yield and note any differences in crop management that may have impacted the yield.

· Coordinates Inventory Control measures with the Operations Manager, including:

o Creating all clones into Metrc and documenting the movement of clones and plants in growth cycle and room changes.

o Ensure that Propagation and the Grow Rooms undergo monthly plant inventory.

o On a rotating basis, re-confirm the inventory to actual count (so every month cycle through one of the above-listed rooms).

o When a crop is first being transplanted into a Grow Room ensure that every plant has a tag and the tag is appropriately referenced in LeafLogix and METRC.

o When clones are being cut and placed into the cloner, ensure that the Propagation Manager creates a map to identify the location of each clone and the number for the clone, which must be entered into LeafLogix and METRC.

Salary: $100,000-$120,000

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