Start Date: 1/1/20

The Lead Grower manages the cultivation of cannabis flower .

This is a salaried position for a seasoned Director of Cannabis Cultivation who has at least 3 years of experience in a minimum of a 5,000 square foot grow.

You must be familiar with all the state’s regulations and restrictions, must have a clean background and must be familiar with the management of the local inspectors and authorities.


Over 3 years’ experience as a commercial cannabis grower preferred.

Demonstrated ability to manage issues pertaining to disease , and heat & cooling mechanical failures in the cultivation process.

Demonstrated experience in crop production, and Integrated Pest Management. Extensive knowledge of cannabis strains and plant genetics.

Computer technology know-how .


Manages Cultivation process, including sourcing , cloning , transplanting, and providing nutrients for various strains of marijuana plants; setting up and maintaining irrigation systems and environmental controls; and ensuring that the facility is pest-free.

Develops cultivation plans, trains cultivation employees and assigns duties .

Organizes and documents the daily process of transplanting, cloning , defoliation and trimming of plants.

Ensures that growth requirements of cannabis plants are consistently met (lighting, soil, PH, nutrients, etc.)

Diagnoses and resolves plant health issues like mold, mildew or other infestations

Manages harvest schedule and works with Dry/Trim Manager on best techniques for drying/curing of harvested product.

Oversees cultivation maintenance operations (including disposing waste and preventing contamination)

Ensures compliance with all operating procedures and regulations.

Ensures that the Cultivation area remains clean and organized, and that tasks are completed within budgetary and time constraints.

Coordinates with Operations Manager on all Cultivation staffing needs in terms of tasks required for Propagation and the Grow Rooms.

Coordinates with Operations Manager to record and track each planting and harvest cycle, including date of planting broken down by plant, as well as cultivation activities described below.

Coordinates with Operations Manager to ensure that cultivation staff manually log (1) watering cycles, (2) nutrient application, (3) 25b applications, and (4) fertilizing applications. On a daily basis, provides such information to Operations Manager to enter data into the state­ mandated Seed-to-Sale Program.

After each harvest, works with the Operations Manager to provide a summary to the Executive Management Team of the yield and note any differences in crop management that may have impacted the yield.


$70k plus commission first year

You’ ll be joining a new organization with brand new facilities and equipment and resources to expand continually with honest, transparent, hardworking people that are dedicated to bringing Oklahoma only the highest quality cannabis.

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