Client is seeking a highly qualified botanist, horticulturist, or nursery specialist for an Illinois based indoor cannabis cultivation center. Client is focused on using agroecological principles and minimizing our carbon footprint by leveraging hydroponic growing techniques and technologies.

Position Description:

The position reports to the Master Grower and Chief Operating Officer. Candidates should have experience working in an indoor grow facility, experience in a leadership role and have experience with taking on increased responsibility with junior staff. Candidates should have a background and interest in plant science and/or nursery science and/or environmental stewardship, and an enthusiasm for cannabis plants and their production.

Attention to detail is a must and proven experience working in an indoor growing environment (with either produce, native plants, cannabis etc.). Candidate should have experience performing duties around crop production, including sowing, thinning, transplanting, pruning, pest and disease management, re-organizing nursery stock, weeding, irrigation, seed collection and cleaning, and inventory practices.

The successful candidate must be able to interact well with team members.

Primary Responsibilities

We are looking for a candidate with deep expertise in Hydroponic Gardening/Growing.

Responsibilities include:

· Provide input into Greenhouse Design,

· Choose plants to be planted for each growing season that can be grown cost effectively

· Work with and recommend hydroponic growing systems

· Develop a system and time schedule for planting crops

· Oversee maintenance of equipment and greenhouse,

· Ordering of necessary equipment and seeds,

· maintain accurate records, manifests and journals.

· Determine what nutrients are needed by the plants being produced

· Find ways to make hydroponic systems more efficient

· Test and maintain water quality for growing Project and compile an annual budget and potential income report for the greenhouse

· Assist in putting together plant orders, loading delivery vehicles

· Maintaining organization and cleanliness of the nursery and equipment

· Participate in site preparation, maintenance and native planting activities on site


· Bachelor’s degree in biology or environmental science, a master’s degree in a similar science; or a doctoral or master’s degree in botany, ecology or microbiology.

· 3-5 years’ work experience

· Attention to detail, flexible and adaptable

· Prior experience with hydroponic growing and indoor nurseries/crops


Must be 21 years of age to apply
Must comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry.
Physical Requirements – Must be able to lift, carry, push, pull and balance up to 50lbs. (100 lbs. with assistance) and must be able to do so with extreme care and caution when working with plants and product
Job Type: Full-time


Additional Compensation:

Work Location:

One location – Illinois

Health insurance
Paid time off

Salary: $75,000-150,000/year

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