Job Summary

Responsible for managing shift leads, budtenders, inventory specialists, and social media specialists coordinating general business functions.
Functional Business Area: Sales, Inventory, logistics, human resources
Responsibility allocation:
Sales: 40%
Inventory/Logistics/Management 60%.
General Accountabilities

Supervise all store staff, evaluate performance, set performance standards.
Create shift schedules, monitor attendance, and ensure back up for all positions.
Fill in for staff positions when necessary.
Coordinate sales, ensure storefront is adequately stocked.
Train and coach employees.
Create incentives and motivate staff.
Ensure excellent customer service and upselling.
Send month to date sales reports to Owner.
Review aging inventory reports, place old inventory on sale if needed and/or work with store buyer on upcoming sales.
Monitor sales through point of sale system a least 3x a day.
Human Resources:
List available jobs, screen candidates, handle the hiring and firing of staff.
Handle employee reviews on both a monthly and yearly basis.
Write up and document employee concerns or issues.
Ensure employees are not running into overtime.
Ensure vendor checks are correctly entered into Quickbooks.
Train staff on cash handling and preparing their tills.
Ensure staff is using programs correctly and inform owner or general manager of any problems the staff is having with systems that is creating inefficiency.
View camera footage for potential theft and staff problems.
Work with inventory staff and budtenders to ensure all products are labeled and scannable.
Ensure store appearance is neat and tidy both in and around the store with no trash on the floors or parking lot and that the waste baskets are not overflowing.
Ensure we have adequate cleaning supplies and coordinate with general manager on what needs to be ordered.
Create flyers, text blasts and marketing material for the store’s sales.
Ensure products are properly displayed, labeled and marked on sale.
Oversee social media, yelp and customer feedback to ensure we are keeping a positive image and servicing customers well.
Other duties as assigned.
*The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.
Job Qualifications

Education: Associate’s degree in business administration or a related field
Experience: 3-5 years of related experience managing a retail store.
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Word.

Excellent verbal and written communication
Problem solving
Business management
Sales, Upselling
Coaching and motivating staff

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