Job Summary:

  • Responsible for managing Shift leads, Budtenders, Social Media, and coordinating general business functions.
  • Ensures store staffing, store replenishment, drives sales, adherence to Budbarn policies, daily website maintenance, online ordering accuracy, and customer loyalty.
  • Functional Business Area: Management, Sales, Inventory, Logistics, Human resources
  • Responsibility allocation:
    • Sales:  40%
    • Inventory/Logistics/Management 60%.

Main Duties:

  • Management:
    • Customer Service.
    • Supervise staff, evaluate performance, set performance standards.
    • Assist with shift schedules, monitor attendance, and ensure back up for all positions, ensure schedule meets the needs of the business daily; react pro-actively where necessary.
    • Fill in for staff positions when necessary.
    • Coordinate sales
      • Ensure storefront is adequately stocked daily.
      • Ensure Inventory supports all sales and promotions.
    • Create incentives to motivate staff, follow policies, and increase customer loyalty.
    • Ensure excellent customer service, upselling, and tie in sales.
    • Train and coach Budtenders and Shift Lead’s.
    • Review and handle any issues from the Shift Lead reports and ensure good communication throughout the team.
    • Ensure new policies and procedures are implemented.  Assist with needed policies and procedures.
  • Reporting:
    • Review aging inventory reports, work with manager on upcoming sales to control inventory and balance stock.
    • Monitor sales through point-of-sale system a least 3x a day.
  • Human Resources:
    • Handle or assist with employee reviews on both a monthly and yearly basis.
    • Handle or assist with employee hiring, onboarding, discipline, and termination.
    • Write up and document employee concerns or issues, correct issues, and communicate concerns.
    • Ensure employees are not running into overtime.
  • Accounting:
    • Ensure vendor checks are correctly entered into Quickbooks.
    • Train staff on cash handling and preparing their tills.
    • Assists in discount violations and cash handling error disciplinary action.





  • Systems:
    • Ensure staff is using programs correctly and inform owner or general manager of any problems the staff is having with systems that is creating inefficiency.
    • Work with inventory staff and budtenders to ensure:
      • All products are labeled and scannable.
      • Proper rotation to minimize loss.
      • Inventory supports sales, promotions and has backstock.
      • Inventory back stocking and intake process is completed in a safe manner, preventing clutter, and promoting a safe work environment.
    • Receive inventory if/when needed.
  • Storefront:
    • Ensure store appearance is neat and tidy both in and around the store with no trash on the floors or parking lot and that the waste baskets are not overflowing.
    • Ensure Store staff is monitoring customer adherence to LCB compliance and checks for open packages on the premises regularly.
    • Ensure we have adequate cleaning supplies and coordinate with office administrator on what needs to be ordered.
    • Ensure team is following Bud Barn’s Covid compliance.
  • Marketing:
    • Create flyers, text blasts and marketing material for the store’s sales.
    • Ensure products are properly displayed, labeled and marked on sale.
    • Assists in the overseeing of social media, Yelp and customer feedback to ensure we are keeping a positive image and servicing customers well.
    • Suggest product sale or marketing ideas to sales manager to increase sales.
    • Ensure the store is decorated for each holiday.
  • ***The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Problem solving
  • Business management
  • Reporting
  • Sales, Upselling
  • Coaching and motivating staff.

Job Qualifications:Education: Associate’s degree in business administration or a related field

  • Experience: 3-5 years of related experience managing a retail store.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Word.

Physical Requirements:

  • Regularly lift, carry, or push up to 50lb.
  • Sit or stand for long periods of time, up to full shifts.

Be able to sit, stand, bend, lift to meet all store tasks and customer needs.

$16-18/Hour plus tips (approx. $4/hr)

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