We are a community-oriented cannabis organization that is committed to providing the highest quality flower to the Oregon market. With each harvest, our team takes the opportunity to test new cutting-edge growing methods and technology to perfect our grow techniques and maintain the highest standards in all aspects of our business. We proud to be a part of the Oregon cannabis community!

This industry-leading cannabis farm is seeking a Head Grower – Manager that has experience in the Hemp or Cannabis industry. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team and help us continue to provide high quality flower to the Oregon market. This is a hands-on position in which you must be willing to get your hands dirty and contribute at all operational levels, train team members, provide operational guidance and feedback to the management team.


The Head Grower – Manager will manage the day-to-day operations of a large-scale OLCC licensed Tier II light assisted greenhouse cultivation facility. This facility presently has 9,000 square feet of flowering canopy and 4,000 square feet of vegetative canopy. We are looking for a hands-on individual who has experience running a large cannabis or horticultural greenhouse operation. The primary responsibilities will be to manage and optimize all the tasks in the grow including cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, topping, flushing, foliar, trimming, packaging, waste disposal, facility sanitation, and crew management. The Head Grower will oversee and supervise employees, ensuring that the company is in full compliance with all state and local regulations, production needs are met, and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved. Additionally, the Head Grower will train our cultivation team in the appropriate and approved cultivation methods, processes, and procedures and conduct employee performance evaluations.

The Head Grower is expected to implement a cultivation schedule aimed at utilizing the full potential of the facility to produce a consistently high-quality final product. Their focus will be to ensure that the needs of our plants are being always met. The Head Grower works with our Trim Room Manager to ensure the harvest and trimming plan is on schedule. The Head Grower will establish and analyze reports on current practices, adjusting workflow, procedures, and/or product usage to increase yields, efficiency, projected yield and performance, and overall profitability. Position requires high standards of professionalism and attention to detail is required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage a large-scale cultivation facility
  • Manage all the tasks in the grow including cloning, transplanting, watering, feeding plants, defoliation, topping, flushing, foliar and preventative sprays, harvesting, waste disposal, facility sanitation, inventory management and managing greenhouse staff.
  • Responsible for training cultivation team
  • Hold weekly team meetings. Chart progress, recognize successes and identify areas for improvement. Make sure all team members are well informed and prepared for the tasks ahead.
  • Work closely with staff to develop growing and greenhouse utilization plans to maximize growing efficiency for products.
  • Lead and manage team
  • Oversee all operational functions of the greenhouses and harvesting.
  • Assist with managing the grow cycle including transplanting, feeding, cloning, cropping, pruning, harvesting, and packaging.
  • Manage plant scheduling to accurately project all facility requirements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to maximize high-quality yield with efficiency and attention to production costs
  • Catalog and track each individual strain from clone to harvest
  • Perform all cultivation tracking and recordkeeping functions within the seed to sale electronic system remaining in compliance with the OLCC’s rules and regulations
  • Cloning and manage vegetation with at least a 90% success rate.
  • Program and monitor of computerized climate control systems
  • Maintain indoor cultivation protocols and a nutrient regimen per SOPs
  • Execute preventative maintenance and elimination of all types of mold, powdery mildew, spider mites, root aphids, fungus gnats, etc.
  • Identify crop problems and determine a solution
  • Creation of MSDS for all department chemicals and products
  • Manage automation of equipment assets, including procurement, installation, performance optimization and routine maintenance
  • Responsible for independently managing the grow in a rotational schedule on weekends
  • Ensure regular cleaning of maintenance of equipment and facility to keep all areas of the operation in excellent condition.
  • Oversee greenhouse, trim shop, and security for the site location with stronger focus on the general operation of the greenhouse areas.
  • Build strong vendor relationships
  • Assist with ideas to reduce costs wherever possible
  • Leading the monthly safety meetings
  • Follow SOPs and identify opportunities for improvement and implementation of solutions
  • Follow all government mandated state, federal, OLCC, ODA and OSHA compliance and safety procedures. Create and implement security guidelines.
  • Manage and report on key operational processes, financial budget and performance indicators
  • Work with the CEO to set operational goals, compare performance to goals, and adjust goals as needed to improve operational performance
  • Must participate in ongoing education and professional development opportunities.
  • Work collectively and respectfully with other team members and in accordance with all company HR policies
  • Comply with all HR policies including confidentiality and non-disclosure.


  • Minimum 3 years cultivation experience as a head grower
  • Minimum 1 year experience to include controlled environment or greenhouse growing is preferred
  • Commercial growing for at least 1 year is required
  • Minimum 2 years management experience is required
  • Cultivating cannabis experience required
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cultivation facility management
  • Experience directing and monitoring the performance of employees
  • Mastery of all grow mediums and irrigation methods including hand-water, sub-irrigation, and drip systems
  • Competency in use of climate computer controls and automated irrigation systems
  • Knowledge of commercial plant cultivation including crop rotation management, nutrient requirements, mediums, light requirements, and environmental control
  • Knowledge of plant diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies and toxicity
  • Competence in building plant schedules
  • Adept at industry best-practices and current on new techniques
  • Well researched in new techniques and insight to expand knowledge in nutrient of individual strains, high yield recipes, controlled stress environments to different lighting systems and set ups.
  • Advanced knowledge of the cannabis plant and genetics.
  • Knowledge of uses and benefits of cannabinoids
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Strains; Sativa, Indica and Hybrids.


  • Degree in Chemistry or Business is preferred
  • Additional education is a plus
  • Must have a valid OLCC Marijuana Worker’s Permit and or have recently applied to receive their permit

This job is on hold while candidates are being interviewed.

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