We will be farming 90 acres of outdoor hemp in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We will be focused on growing organic high quality smokeable flower and biomass. This is a salaried position for a seasoned Farm Manager with prior experience in cannabis. Previous experience with large scale hemp production is preferred (15+ acres). You must be familiar with Organic Farming, Mechanized Planting, IPM, Irrigation, Quality Management, Plant Nutrition, Harvesting, Drying and Curing.

Detail of Responsibilities

· Oversight of all day to day farm operations including hemp planting, growing, harvesting and drying. Your primary focus will be on growing and cultivation.

· Management of water use and irrigation systems.

· Manage our grow team and contract labor to ensure highest standards of quality.

· Diligent monitoring to ensure feminization of crop and low THC levels.

· Completing tasks on time and within budgetary requirements.

· Full time position with additional mandatory hours at planting and harvesting.

· Will report directly to ownership to our Director of Cultivation and manage a team of 6-8 people. Schedule and coordinate large contract labor crews at harvest and planting.


· Physical Requirements: Must be physically fit and be able to actively work in all sections of our farming operation. During planting and harvest season work day will regularly do over 12 hours.

· Communication Skills: Must excel at both written and verbal communications. Utilize all forms of communication to clearly explain tasks, goals and progress to employees and management. Competency in Spanish is a plus.

· Skills: Must have 3+ years of experience in cannabis in a large scale production setting of 15+. Preference given to those with prior experience growing large acreages of outdoor hemp.


· Degree in Horticulture is preferred

· Additional education is a plus


· Gross Compensation: $100,000-$110,000

· Base Salary: $5,000 per month

· PTO: 7 days annually

· Bonus Structure: Worth up to $60,000 and determined by crop yield and potency.

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