This is a salaried position for an experienced (2+ years preferably) Director of Extraction who has substantial experience in a commercial chemical extraction laboratory, either working as an extractor or a process engineer. The ideal candidate will have experience in process implementation for efficient work flow, ethanol (and other) solvent extraction techniques, laboratory skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and as a team leader. The ideal candidate will have substantial knowledge of terpene extraction, isolating specific cannabinoids, equipment calibration, and equipment maintenance. However, cannabis specific experience is not a requirement. Candidate will need to be able to operate in a “clean facility” and in a manner that ensures safety, efficiency, and maintains the integrity of the final product.
Detail of Responsibilities
• Run day to day operations of the laboratory
• Create standard operating procedures and work instructions
• Manage facility team
• Create manufacturing schedules and ensure execution of workflow
• Maintain and clean laboratory glassware, equipment, and inventory
• Assist in acquiring and maintaining laboratory certifications
• Maintain a safe and professional laboratory
• Maintain detail record keeping, tracking process, and labeling system
• Assist in purchasing lab equipment
• Create and draft standard operating procedures for management of the facility
• Maintain and ensure all employees adhere to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards

• BS degree in Chemical, Mechanical, Food engineering or other engineering discipline
• Must be proficient in drafting standard operating procedures for the management of the facility
• Advanced knowledge of commercial chemical laboratories
• Demonstrated knowledge and application of detailed record keeping, labeling, and data tracking processes.
• Demonstrated knowledge of process and workflow management
• Safe and professional lab etiquette
• Knowledge & experience with equipment troubleshooting, calibration, and maintenance

• Must have 2 years of experience in commercial chemical laboratory and preferably with extraction, preparation, and purification techniques
• Preferred to have experience with ethanol extraction and other extraction techniques as well
• Must have experience managing and supervising a laboratory team
• Must have experience calibrating, troubleshooting, and maintaining equipment

• Must Have: BS degree in Chemical, Mechanical, Food engineering or other engineering discipline
• Must have: High School Diploma or equivalent
• Preferred: Master’s Degree in Engineering

• $70,000 – $100,000 / year
• PTO / Health Benefits

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