Position Summary:

The ideal Director of Extraction candidate will have experience in extraction laboratory and product quality as well as can organize the manufacture and production of post cultivation products. The Director will oversee all inventory and allocation of product and production resources and testing phases of extraction.


Extraction Operations

Operate a supercritical CO2, butane, ethanol, and distillation extraction equipment, conducting post extraction processing steps, laboratory testing analysis, and improving company product formulations and SOPs. Responsible for operation, calibration, and optimization of company lab equipment
Oversee daily production and scheduling needs and assign resources as needed.
Develop strategies to increase productivity and production with existing technologies
Oversee preparation of plant material for decarboxylation
Oversee preparation of equipment and plant material for extractions.
Assist in company product formulations of various types with specific cannabinoid ratios.
Calculate requirements, assemble and weigh plant materials and supplies
QA/QC duties that require analytical testing for quality and consistency; data review
Operate highly sophisticated equipment; process concentrates and extracts
Operate, maintain, and make adjustments and repairs to laboratory equipment such as liquid chromatography systems, pumps, microscopes, balances, centrifuges, and other laboratory equipment
Maintain inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment
Store supplies and equipment, dispose of waste according to guidelines, and keep laboratory, storerooms and working areas immaculate
Wash and sterilize laboratory glassware
Create SOPs, training records, and related documentation
Maintain material safety data sheets for all department chemicals and products
Knowledge and ability of butane extraction as the solvent to extract cannabis concentrates

Facilities/Building Management

Oversee a clean lab environment and maintain immaculate extraction and laboratory environments adhering to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.
Maintain strict inventory records and of all plant materials, supplies, and equipment.

Administrative Operations

Develop comprehensive staffing plan then participate with managers to hire, train, and supervise staff (includes scheduling, oversight, training, and annual performance reviews).
Write, execute and train other team members on SOPs, manufacturing batch records, equipment qualification (IQ/OQ) log and forms supporting extraction and post processing activities
Coordinate with Director of Cultivation on expenses and budget balances, forecast future expenses, and create budgets for the cultivation operation.
Test/Sample/Trial equipment to ensure subject matter expertise for future facility and equipment purchase.
Create systems and reporting to ownership for all relevant production information.
Coordinate and communicate extraction management interests regarding production scheduling

• Bachelor’s degree in relatable field – Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and/or Photobiology

• 1+ years of experience in a regulated plant extraction

• 3+ years of extraction experience

• Strong leadership experience managing teams of 30+ members

• Strong scientific background with process validation (SPC-statistical process control) experience, six sigma training a plus.

• A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of CO2, butane, ethanol, extraction and distillation.

• Experience with extraction techniques where the final products include oil cartridges, infused chocolate bars, gummies, beverages, and other infused products.

• Technical problem-solving skills in a processing plant environment and of chemical processing equipment, specifically Supercritical Fluid Extraction-SFE) and post processing techniques.

• Strong background in extraction techniques (e.g. SFE) and wet chemistry, along with a research mindset

• Knowledge of cannabinoids, terpenes, and their medicinal benefits is preferred.

• Over 500+ hours of extraction experience with botanicals, preferably cannabis specific

• At least 4 years’ experience in a lab or manufacturing setting required food/beverage preferred

• QA/QC experience with HPLC and GC analysis highly preferred * Scientific writing for processes, training, and procedures that require documentation

• Must be able to pass a background check

Preferred Qualifications

• Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering

Salary: $80,000-$100,000

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