Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manger will keep the team up to date on legal and regulatory matters impacting operations, monitor operations to identify and correct instances of non-compliance, and reviews and evaluates compliance issues/concerns within the provisioning center. Our ideal candidate is detail-oriented, self-motivated, and has in-depth knowledge of cannabis laws and regulations.


• Maintain thorough and up-to-date knowledge of state Cannabis laws and regulations.

• Advise the Compliance Officer and Executives of any crucial compliance issues or changes that could impact the company.

• Manage essential operating records creation and retention.

• Develop a thorough understanding of operations and the work-flow requirements for each job.

• Act as the on-site compliance liaison between state regulators and other staff

• Ensure workplace health and safety policies and procedures are followed

• Maintain a clean and organized work environment

• Responsible for establishing and documenting all aspects of compliance requirements to meet all state laws and regulations

• Seeks to understand all aspects of distribution and manufacturing and facility usage patterns to effectively plan for compliance and auditing requirements

• Communicates all compliance related issues to the CCO in a clear, consistent and effective way possible

• Develops an audit plan and schedule and perform all audits per schedule.

• Continuously learning by researching outlets that provide updates for regulatory matters.

• Critical thinking to find numerous solutions to barriers and going the mile to solve problems.

• Being flexible and open to change due to the evolving nature of the Cannabis Industry.

• The ability to write in a manner that is crystal clear and easily comprehensible to anyone.

• Behaving in a fair, ethical, and calm manner when confronted with conflict or questions.

• The confidence to present accurate information in a clear and concise manner.

Candidates must:

Be at least 21 years of age.

Possess excellent reading, writing, and communication skills.

Have an in-depth understanding of all applicable existing and recent cannabis laws and regulations in MI.

Have multiple years of experience working with cannabis compliance

Have strong attention to detail and a natural aptitude for organization and systematization.

Be generally positive, adaptable, and team-oriented.


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