1. Requirements

A. Undergraduate degree (B.S. or equivalent) from an accredited 4-year college in Chemistry in the United States of America. An applicant with undergraduate degree from a foreign university will ONLY be considered if the applicant can demonstrate additional experience in relevant methodology based upon experience, recommendations, and proven ability which he/she can fully document.

B. A Minimum of 3-5 years progressive experience in both high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) AND gas chromatography (GC) for Organic Chemical Analysis. This must include hands on daily experience:

· Running the instruments

· Selecting and changing columns

· Simple maintenance

· Carrying out methodology according to protocols

C. The applicant must demonstrated ability to utilize Agilent software for both Agilent GC and Agilent HPLC systems of current design. The applicant must be able to employ the software to prepare reports in an acceptable manner for both internal and external stakeholders

D. It is imperative that the applicant have an excellent command of the English Language, both spoken and written, allowing proper communication externally and internally with stakeholders and allowing preparation of final reports in an organized and proper grammatical manner.

E. The applicant must demonstrate basic knowledge of statistics allowing understanding of the basis for performing analytical determinations of substances of interest, including standard errors, normal and non-

normal statistical distributions, different tests of statistical significance and their proper use, and so forth.

F. The applicant must evidence basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

G. The applicant must possess basic knowledge of computer networking allowing diagnosis of errors and issues with Agilent instruments communicating with computers running ChemStation. Ability to fix simple problems without IT support.

H. The applicant must be able to effectively work in a dynamic and constantly evolving setting under urgent time deadlines to complete work and report it in a timely and efficient manner

I. The applicant must possess the ability to present results to external clients verbally

  1. Extremely Highly Desirable

A. A background in the analysis of complex natural product mixtures in the fragrance industry

B. Specific ability in GC/MS and/or LC/MS of natural product fragrance mixtures

C. Familiarity with Team work in the fragrance industry for fragrance development

D. Experience in GC which includes GC/MS, preferably using Agilent systems

E. Experience with Agilent MS systems

F. Experience with HPLC/MS/MS systems

G. Experience with GC Headspace analysis

H. Specific experience with UHPLC

I. Ability to carry out some methods development

  1. Highly Desirable

A. Masters level degree. Note: a master’s degree will NOT substitute for any amount of the required five years’ experience.

B. Ability to carry out advanced methods development on hyphenated-technique instruments (eg. UHPLC/MS/MS)

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