Company Description:

A premiere analytical testing laboratory working on cutting edge and next-generation analysis methods to support the cannabis and hemp industries. This company is recognized and used internationally as a standard of excellence with one of the broadest accreditation scopes for services offered within the industry.

Education and Experience:

BA/BS years that includes coursework in biological, chemical, agricultural, environmental, or related science from an accredited college or university and 3 years full-time practical experience in a laboratory setting.

Job Responsibilities:

· Available for 2nd shift

· Prepare samples for all analytical testing procedures.

· Preparation of reagents and standards as needed.

· Ensure appropriate testing procedures are conducted in compliance with QA and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requirements.

· Meet turn-around-time (TAT) goals. Inform Lab manager if issues arise that effect the TAT.

· Support with equipment and supply orders.

· Assist the team with installing, calibrating, testing, operating and maintaining equipment for testing; sets up instruments and conducts sample tests; performs routine calibration of instrumentation; ensures an adequate supply of test materials are available for the chemist to perform daily testing.

· Assist laboratory technicians with sample receipt, handling, and storage.

· Assist Quality departments to maintain the equipment calibration program.

· Follow and exercise procedural, safety and quality requirements.

Required Skills:

· Able to make sound and independent decisions based on functional expertise and experience.

· Knowledge of sample prep/extraction process for various analytical methods.

· Familiar with operation of laboratory instrumentation such as GC, HPLC, and ICP-MS.

· Effective communication

· Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Salary $35,000-$55,000/year

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