Job Description:

Type of Facility: Extraction Facility

Brief Summary of Position:

This is a salaried position for a seasoned Lab Manager who has at least 8-10years of lab experience, 5 years of management experience, and with a minimum of a 18months in a cannabis extraction lab (ethanol extraction). You must be familiar with all the state’s regulations and restrictions, must have a clean background, and be able to operate in a GMP/ISO environment.

Detail of Responsibilities

· Be data focused. Accuracy and data recording experience.

· Oversee the implementation of new technology, record-keeping, safety and security guidelines

· Carry out extraction, extract processing, product formulation, filling and manufacturing procedures in an efficient manner that also complies with State Regulations, FDA GMP’s, OSHA regulations, Innovative AgriProducts SOPS, and all applicable laboratory procedures.

· Comply and enforce all product tracking, product security, and product movement procedures.

· Support new product and process development work with our Process/Product Development team.

· Implement testing procedures; testing sample preparation, sample tracking and accurate record keeping; communicates with testing companies to ensure consistency and accuracy

· Must understand how different qualities of plant material, preparation, and packing procedures effect quality and yield of extractions

· Maintains laboratory equipment performance by establishing quality standards; developing operations, quality, and troubleshooting procedures; ensuring staff compliance; certifying instrument performance; arranging equipment replacement, service, and repair.

· Implements new programs, tests, methods, instrumentation, and procedures by investigating alternatives; preparing proposals; developing and performing parallel testing; monitoring progress.

· Leading a team of Lab Technicians to ensure the lab is meeting all production goals.

· Planning and managing production schedules that effectively leverage capacity, labor and materials to meet volume, cost and quality goals.

· Developing, implementing, and holding the team accountable to relevant KPIs with a focus on continuous improvement by producing weekly production reports and attending company meetings.

· Studying and clarifying specifications, calculating requirements, assembling and weighing cannabis materials and supplies for lab processes.

· Performing all technical procedures adhering to the operation, technical, and quality control policies and guidelines.

· Creating and improving all SOPs to stay compliant with local and state regulations and maintaining accountability and inventory of all supplies, raw materials, finished products.

· racking post-processing temperatures and times to manipulate product as required.

· Tracking manufacturing metrics throughout the lab chain of custody including cannabis waste.

· Collecting and interpreting data to monitor and adjust daily operations for maximum output and quality.

· Creating proprietary blends for our products

· Blending for our customers according to set parameters

· Tracking consumables usage and maintain the laboratory inventory.

· Creating QC and R&D samples and oversee all COA product testing,

· Maintaining inventory records of supplies, materials, and temperatures of machinery along with troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and regular data logging for all lab equipment

· Regular cleaning and maintenance of lab equipment and facility to keep laboratory and all other working areas in pristine conditions.

· Maintaining material safety data sheets for all department chemicals and products.

· Must understand and be able to implement or use a lot number tracking system

· Maintain appropriate inventory records of spent biomass, per company guidelines

· Must understand and follow guidelines of workplace safety and hazardous chemicals

· Must understand and follow the safety, security, and sanitation requirements in a FDA registered food-grade+ facility

· Receives and communicates instructions, job assignments and updates verbally and non-verbally from Production Team, Technicians, or Facilities management.

· Other duties as assigned by management.

· This position reports to the Director of Operations for the company and would have 4 direct reports in the lab.

· This position reports to the Director of Operations for the company and would have 4 direct reports in the lab.


· Master’s Degree or higher in chemistry

· Physically capable of performing the job duties required

· Must be able to sit, stand, bend, and lift up to 50lbs individually or 75+ pounds with a buddy, carry product totes, pushing carts, moving equipment

· Must be fitted for and wear protective gear

· Must be able to taste and/or smell

· Proven ability to present ideas effectively and communicate well with all levels of the company from apprentice up to management.

· An innovative team player

· Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook


  • 8-10years of Prior hands-on laboratory experience
  • 5 years of management experince
  • 18+ months of Experience with extraction principles and techniques


  • Master’s Degree or higher in chemistry

Salary: $85,000-$95,000/year

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