A phenomenal opportunity or a Lab Manager and Department Director in NJ with an established environmental company that has a ISO lab to do cannabis testing. This is not your normal start up, as they are established and have a great company culture and benefits. They are looking for 2 people that can RUN a lab unsupervised.

Lab Manager Job Summary
The individual will be responsible for maintenance of laboratory equipment, primarily High
Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Mass Spectrometry,
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and other standard and non-standard
analytical and microbiological instrumentation. The Laboratory Manager will develop and
validate methodology for potency and contaminant analyses in cannabis flower, concentrates
and infused products as required by Cannabis Control Commission regulations. After method
validation, the Laboratory Manager will operate within an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
analyzing customer samples. The Laboratory Manager will be responsible for conducting
sample analysis at the bench, identifying areas where efficiencies can be implemented into
laboratory process workflows, and supporting sales meetings as requested by laboratory
management. Finally, the Laboratory Manager will be responsible for training and supervision
of a team of 3-5 scientists. Responsibility for performance reviews, promotions, and accounting
of time worked are some of the tasks. The Laboratory Manager is expected to take initiative
and develop novel approaches to analytical problem solving. Past job experience or training
gained obtaining a master’s degree appropriate to analytical chemistry are preferred. The
Laboratory Manager is expected to have developed an ability to optimize the laboratory
workflows to maximize throughput and efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality.
Additionally, the individual must be able to represent clients both over the phone
and in person and transmit a professional image.
A. Job Duties
Essential Functions:
1. Develops and validates required testing methodologies.
2. Conducts sample analyses in accordance with validated methods and SOPs
3. Schedules analyses
4. Records and organizes data in the Laboratory Information Management System
(LIMS) and/or laboratory notebooks
5. Position will eventually train, supervise and coach junior level staff
6. Additional duties as assigned

Good technical writing skills in analytical chemistry [written and oral comprehension, written and
oral expression]. Ability to integrate observations (visual and written, discrimination) into
evaluation process. College math [mathematical reasoning, memorizing]. Ability to work at a
fast pace without compromising accuracy or completeness, prioritize work assignments and
handle stress [high productivity].
Physical Functions
Sitting – 30%
Standing – 70%
Walking – 30%
Writing – 50%
Visual – 100%
B. Chemical Safety
1. Must be able to comprehend the potential hazards of the chemicals in use and
adhere to the proper safety techniques as dictated by the Safety Manual and/or
C. Laboratory Safety
1. Must be able to wear gloves, lab coat, eye protection, sleeves, hearing
protection, pesticide suit, plastic booties, dust masks, a respirator, and a face
2. Must be able to understand and follow laboratory safety standards.
Job Specifications
B.S. degree in chemistry or related field required. 7 – 10 years of relevant laboratory
experience. Masters or PhD is preferred. Previous experience in a cannabis testing lab and/or in
a supervisory capacity is a plus. Proficient in documentation and procedures required by ISO

Department Director Job Summary
Position is responsible for the direction and supervision of a staff dedicated to conducting analytical and microbiological testing in support of the cannabis industry. The Director, Cannabis Testing provides a group of regulated testing services, including cannabinoid profile, pesticide residues, terpene profile, heavy metals, residual solvents and microbiology for cannabis and cannabis-related products. Individual is responsible for the management and supervision of subordinate activities related to the conduct, analysis, evaluation and reporting of contracted sample analyses. Ensures conformance to technical, quality assurance and financial performance objectives. Responsible for fiscal management of the department, including P&L management, responsible for developing ROI for procurement of capital requests or recommendations, budgeting and forecasting. Ensuring systems are in compliance with ISO 17025 and/or GLP Standards, where applicable. Collaborates with other Department Directors to assure overall facility financial performance. Utilizes skills and knowledge to gain and maintain new customers.

Essential Functions:

A. Technical Leadership (10%)

1. Develop and maintain the technical expertise of the department leader and staff through conferences, webinars, training programs (internal and external), literature review and technical committees and other platforms.

2. Identify and develop new capabilities, service offerings or markets that Smithers may want to include in future service offerings.

3. Development of relationships with regulatory agencies, consultants, client and stakeholders.

B. Operational Leadership (30%)

1. Provide direction/leadership to ensure efficient use of resources.

2. Provide direction/leadership to ensure there are systems in place to accurately compile and submit data and that all reporting content is done in accordance with client/regulatory needs, expectations, requirements.

3. Provide scientific or regulatory trouble shooting, leveraging members of team.

4. Provide direction/leadership to ensure Smithers is meeting deliverables at the time agreed to.

5. Provide direction/leadership to ensure projects are delivered on budget based on plans developed for equipment, people, space and other materials.

6. When required, ensure all functional equipment utilized includes maintenance, calibration and validation programs.

7. Ensure development and support of an effective quality system that impacts both real and perceived quality.

8. Provide direction/leadership to ensure a safe work environment for members of the team as well as others at the facility.

9. Provide direction/leadership to ensure availability, development and retention of talent through pro-active recruiting of potential team members and development of current talent.

C. Sales & Marketing (30%)

1. Provide input and recommendations on new conferences or committees Smithers should participate in.

2. Make recommendations on new services Smithers should consider leveraging experience

with clients, regulatory agencies and market trends.

3. Active planning and participation in client visits; both on-site as well as off-site.

4. Actively direct the market perception of the department through participation in committees, development of white papers, conference presentations, webinars and website content.

D. Business Leadership (30%)

1. Acts as liaison to department team members on the overall health of the business. The Department Director should ensure that message is well coordinated with other department leaders and the VP of NA Operations.

2. Provides business leadership to ensure sound financial decision making leveraging following tools:

a. Project profitability

b. Capacity analysis

c. Return on Investment models

d. Monthly P&L

e. Department proforma models

f. Weekly milestone report

g. Quarterly forecasting process

h. Pricing and pricing analysis

3. Ensures effective use of support leaders including:

a. IT

b. HR

c. Finance

d. Marketing

e. Legal

f. Facilities

4. Assures that an established pricing scheme is used which considers overhead, profitability and indirect costs.

5. Ensures organization invests resources in areas, talent and equipment that maximize ROI.

Physical Functions

Sitting – 60%

Standing – 40%

Walking – 40%

Writing – 80%

Visual – 100%

A. Laboratory Safety

1. Must be able to understand and follow laboratory safety standards.

Job Specifications

B.S. degree in chemistry or related field 10 years or more of experience in an area of expertise. Masters or PhD is preferred. Prior management experience is required. Must have depth and breadth of technical and budgetary experience to lead and manage a team of scientists in the laboratory as well as promote company expertise among a client base to gain future customers. Previous experience with P&L is a plus. Demonstrated management and supervisor experience mandatory. Technical skills in regulated is mandatory. Client interaction skills, was well as excellent verbal, written and organizational skills. Proficient in documentation and procedures required by ISO 17025 and/or Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations.

Salary: $80,00-$140,000

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