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Open Positions

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Head of Cannabis Cultivation
Noble, OK

 5-10 years in cannabis cultivation with at least 10,000 sq ft.
Experience with indica, sativa and hybrid. at least 10 different strains
Clone vegetation at least at 90% success rate

Director of Cultivation
Kingwood, WV

Management of a commercial grow operation for more than 3 years
Knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, as well as plant treatment options
Mastery of Ebb & Flow and Soil growing methods

Extraction Lab Director
Lexington, KY

Bachelor’s Degree
1-year in cannabinoid extraction and distillation lab
Past experience in pharma, biotech, or dietary supplement manufacturing industry

Lead Processor / Extractor
Springfield, IL

College degree in Chemistry or equivalent industry experience
3-5 years’ experience managing a lab setting and equipment
Experience with extraction methods as well as the purification, separation and isolation of various compounds of cannabis

Account Manager
Vernon, CA

3+ years of sales experience
1+ years in Cannabis Distribution/Sales
$40,000-52,000/Year + Bonuses

Chief Botanist / Lead Grower
Springfield, IL

Bachelor’s in biology/environmental science and master’s in a similar science or doctoral/master’s in botany/ecology/microbiology
3-5 years’ work experience working with cannabis
Prior experience with hydroponic growing and indoor nurseries/crops

Master Grower
Springfield, IL

5 years’ experience as a commercial cannabis grower
Experience with hydroponic growing techniques
Ability to manage issues pertaining to disease, and heat & cooling mechanical failures in the cultivation process

Chief Financial Officer
Lexington, KY

BS in Accounting or Finance, MBA and/or CPA
10+ years in financial leadership role
Experience with building and growing in a start-up

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