Trimmer – $12/hour

· Responsible for defoliation such as Lolli popping, maintenance, and harvest trimming.

· Examine plants for signs of pests or diseases.

· Take instruction and assist with tasks delegated by the management team. Assist in other departments as needed (Cloning, Mothers, Transplant or Flowering).

· Participate in harvest and processing if needed.

Cultivation Technician – $15/hour

• Clone, transplant, water, fertilize, defoliation, trellising, staking, harvest and processing.

• Maintain plant health throughout the cultivation process.

• Work with cultivation team to determine changes needed based on the nutritional and/or environmental needs of the crop.

• Assist in production processes for designated stages of plant growth.

• Examining plants for signs of pests or disease.

The Assistant Grower
Role is a critical component of the Greenhouse Cultivation team whose goal is to consistently produce quality plants that meet company standards and production requirements. The Assistant Grower is responsible for assisting the Greenhouse Manager in daily tasks including, but not limited to; planting, watering, feeding, flushing, crop work and harvesting under the supervision of the Greenhouse Manager.

• Responsible for maintaining the vitality and health of the plants within the greenhouse.
• Planting, watering, feeding and labeling.
• Maintain a disease and pest-free environment.
• Communicate with Greenhouse Manager about priorities, solving problems, and labor management.
• Proper communication, via emails, text, of phone call with the proper channels to ensure matters are caught early and addressed.
• Ensure proper training and development of employees.
• Create and distribute work schedule to staff, ensuring proper management of scheduled days off and rotating schedules to ensure your team is never short staffed in critical moments.
• Maintaining a continuous focus on safety, injury prevention in all aspects of production work.
• Motivate and encourage through positive communication and feedback.
• Help maintain effective working relationships with teams across the organization.
• 2 to 3 years nursery experience
• Demonstrated initiative and self-direction
• Effective communication and interpersonal skills
• Strong attention to detail and safety
• Ability to work in varying conditions.
P a g e 2 | 3
• Must be willing to work some weekends.
• General knowledge of weights and measures.
• Can lift at least 50lbs.
• Ability to sit, stand for a long time, walk during the scheduled shift
• Must be a multitasker, with the ability to work on several requests simultaneously without losing focus.
• Organization and initiative, good communications skills, proactive, problem-solving, time management, discretion and confidentiality are essential attributes.
• Maintain a clean and organized work environment.
• Ability to build good relationships. There will be frequent contact with internal and external people, either face to face or by telephone or email.
• Knowledge and the ability to properly trim the plant to the required specifications without damage.
• Must show great attention to detail regarding proper vegetation removal as needed.
• Ability to stay focused while performing repetitive task.
• Teamwork- collaborating with others to improve overa

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