Company Overview:
Client is designed to be a global supplier of white-label and bulk cannabis products for all industries
including medical, pharmaceutical, wellness and the food industry. They are currently in the process of
completing their 2.3h greenhouse buildout and will be starting to cultivate soon. All facilities are located
in the free trade zone of Zona America in Montevideo, Uruguay including the cultivation facility they are
finishing as well as their extraction and production facilities for different products.
Job Overview:
Facility is located in Montevideo, Uruguay. The candidate should be able to relocate to Uruguay or at
the minimum, be present on-site for at least 7 – 8 months in total within a one-year period. The
candidate is expected to travel to the site from a minimum of 2 weeks to several months at a time. Once
hired, the candidate will initially travel to Uruguay and remain on-site for the about 2 – 3 months. After
that, they will be expected to periodically visit for roughly a month or more if necessary.
This position is based half on-site and half remotely, so the candidate MUST have sufficient technical
tools and capabilities to perform necessary tasks for remote management, including but not limited to:
1. Collecting and monitoring sensor indicators
2. Video and photo data
3. Keeping track of statistical and historical data
They will be responsible for overseeing all cultivation operations including:
Setting up the greenhouse, train the local growers, establish management procedures and methods,
stabilize genetics and selection process, manage processes in all the areas of the GH, create SOPs and
procedures for the GMP requirements, achieve high levels of cannabinoids per kilogram of plant grown.

Master Grower Responsilbities:
 Proactively direct operations for reaching high levels of cannabinoids at maximum crop
 Develop methodology, procedures, and timelines necessary for remote control, management
and monitoring of all horticulture process parameters and inputs including but not limited to
nutrient management, irrigation activities, climate management, light recipes, etc.
 Oversee facility IPM strategies including exclusion, crop monitoring, record keeping,
preventative measures, and additional methods of control
 Develop and control adherence to Standard Operating Procedures and EU-GMP standards to
ensure appropriate sanitation and safety levels.
 Train, evaluate and supervise all personnel related to horticulture processes and tasks
 Develop and monitor pest and disease management programs; implement preventative
measures against contaminants.
 Develop methodology and trin personnel for cannabis strains and plant genetics to be able to
track and catalog plants from the clone stage to harvesting.
 Manage all aspects of cultivation cycles in all areas of the greenhouse


 Degree in Horticulture or related field
 5+ years of related work experience in a large-scale commercial, production environment.
 Experience with Argus, Priva Systems
 Strong organizational skills
 Spanish is a plus
 Due to time zone difference, punctuality and time management is must
 Base wage: $70,000-$100,000 a year.
 Bonus: up to $20,000 paid in quarterly instalments based on crop production and cannabinoid
 Reasonable travel expenses, housing and vehicle will be provided.
 Local taxes will be paid by the company. Foreign earned income of up to $108,700 a year is
excluded from the US federal taxes of 2021.

This job is on hold while candidates are being interviewed.

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