Reporting to the Director of Cultivation, the cultivation manager will be responsible for managing the cultivation teams and overall cultivation related tasks. The cultivation manager will be second in command to the Director of Cultivation for the health and productivity of the cultivation operations facility wide.

Role and Responsibilities

Taking direction from Director of Cultivation and the executive team.

Collecting of environmental data and adjusting controlled environments for optimum plant health.

Programming and management of Program Logic Control systems.

Programming and management of automated greenhouse irrigation systems.

Training of staff on cultivation related SOP sets.

Application and understanding of medical cannabis regulations and laws.

Managing a large cultivation team.

Coordinating with other processing and extraction departments.

Operating an auto transplanter.

Managing the repopulation and flower room harvesting.

Managing nursery team and nursery plant health.

Managing the IPM and quality control team.

Working with the logistics and compliance teams.

Producing quarterly productivity reports.

Coordinating with facilities manager on monthly facility health reports.

Directing staff on canopy management.

General flowering room maintenance and systems checklists.

Aiding in other departments where labor is needed.

Maintaining a clean working environment.

Following cultivation related SOP.

Scouting for pest, pathogens or system abnormalities.

Enrolling in continuing cultivation education programs provided by the company.

Maintaining drip irrigation systems.

Communication with cultivation team via app-based software.

Managing and reporting on plant health, soil moisture and environmental metrics.

Cleaning rooms and trays weekly.

Cleaning irrigation drip lines and system.

Applying biological pest control such as beneficial insects.

Monitoring health of beneficial insects.

Aiding in the harvest as needed.

Maintaining compliance standards.

Maintaining inventory in MJ Freeway (track and trace software).

Updating, exporting and creating documents within google documents suite (google sheets).

Complaint Cannabis waste removal.

Using scales and taking measurements.

Using an industrial shredder.

Working on scaffolding and ladders as well as tight spaces low and off the floor.

Moving and mixing soil by hand or with bale breakers and a potting system.

Operating conveyor systems.

Managing Crop steering.

Managing air flow.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Grade 12 diploma is an asset

Horticulture experience is an asset

Plant science, horticultural, or business management degree is an asset

Minimum 3 years in management

Minimum 3 years in cannabis cultivation management

Or minimum 5 years in large-scaled horticulture management and a minimum of 1 year cultivating cannabis.

Skilled with control and business management software.

Capable of leading and directing tasks.

Capable of training staff on specific cultivation related tasks.

Ability to be flexible and work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Very tight growing schedule, need someone who can follow procedures

If they do have 5 years and 4 harvests would be willing to consider them

Need someone who has ample experience growing quality cannabis

Not a mad max character type

Can take direction , willing to be a number 2, has leadership skills and communication skills managing the grow is lie being a therapist

They need to understand agronomy on a subtle basis, observant, strong communication skills

Implement SOPs , willing to learn , take direction

Trialing out genetics, doesn’t need a degree –academics have a hard time

Consumption free facility — can’t vape / smoke on the job

Direct reports -16 full time , 36 total on the grow team

Finalizing term structure

Lighting – Led lighting ok if they come from another world of lighting

IPM – very limited in PA, and we test PPB so we are building gout and cultivating so attention to detail is really important, biological bugs and botanical

Salary $100-120K