Job Description & Offer
Works directly with the Dispensary General Manager for all patient-focused operations. They are responsible for strain and product knowledge and ensuring that this knowledge is conveyed to the patients correctly by the Patient Care Agents. In the absence of the Dispensary General Manager, the Asst Manager is responsible for all dispensary operations. This position requires a person that is dedicated to be a reliable support and leader for the retail staff. One must also be able to confront difficult situations professionally, provide constructive feedback on employee performance, delegate tasks to employees throughout shifts, as well as ensure that all store duties are executed to completion daily.

Job Responsibilities
➢ Follow Compliance with applicable rules and regulations as implemented by the Michigan Marijuana Regulation Agency, and the Company.
➢ Holds keys to the store and required to open and close the store on time when the dispensary general manager is not on duty
➢ Demonstrate excellent customer service skills while monitoring and achieving sales goals
➢ Delegate tasks appropriately to other employees on shift as well as executing individually assigned tasks to completion
➢ Communicating effectively, professionally and positively with staff, co-workers and patients
➢ Fielding customer service issues, such as queries or complaints, on sales floor and relaying the issue and resolution to the store manager ➢ Providing constructive criticism and encouragements to employees when applicable
➢ Manages inventory daily to ensure that all product and sales are accounted for
➢ Maintains staff morale through excellent customer service and staff support on order transactions, customer issues or inventory issues
➢ Provides training for new hires by demonstrating store standards, answering questions truthfully and accurately based on store policy and procedure and exhibiting excellent customer service ➢ Available for support on the sales floor when necessary
➢ Share accountability with Dispensary General Manager to develop employee training and sales strategies



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