The Business Administrator will be responsible for all licensing and compliance for AFC and affiliated entities from business licenses to LNI compliance. The Business Administrator will need to have some IT acumen as He/she will be responsible for the onboarding of new employees.

Legal / Compliance, Licensing & Permits:

  • Act as a point person for communication with AFC clients as it relates to gathering and maintaining of relevant documents required by regulatory bodies.
  • Maintain accurate license and permit calendar to ensure timely application / payment of fees.
  • Coordinate with finance to ensure cash flows are planned out as needed.
  • Ensure physical documentation is available on various sites.
  • Execute and store legal files.

executive administration:

  • Serves as primary resource to executive leadership and oversees and executes special tasks.
  • Oversee and maintain office appearance.
  • Maintain vendor contracts for general facility requirements.
  • Fleet management that signs in and out cars. Coordinate monthly inspection checks to ensure vehicles are well looked after.
  • IT equipment management by issuing out new computers and assets to new employees as well as taking in old computers from departing employees.
  • Issue Microsoft licenses to employees and manage email accounts for internal employees.

Insurance Administration:

  • Ensure there are appropriate levels of insurance.
  • Maintain relationships with insurance vendors, requests quotes and maintain comparisons to ensure we are always getting a good deal.
  • Make sure LCB compliance is followed; tagging, destruction of plants; facility is always locked, visitors sign in and cameras are working.

Human Resources:

  • Onboard new employees and maintain appropriate records.
  • Serve as point person for time off requests, health issues, and inter employee issue resolution.
  • Maintain time-keeper system and issue employee IDs.
  • Assist managers in documenting infractions.
  • Be apart of the annual review process.
  • Identify and execute all opportunities to improve on health and safety of the workplace.
  • Ensure that the workplace is safe and compliant.
  • Maintain a record of 3rd party employment.
  • Create job descriptions.
  • Draft job descriptions for job posting sites.
  • Spearhead recruitment.
  • Identify and execute on all opportunities to provide training for employees.
  • Make sure that every employees birthday is celebrated with a gift card.

Reinforce the notion that we are family and we care about all employees.

Salary: $40-50,000K

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